Quick One

I have approximately two minutes to finish this email before Eli must be fed. He's currently watching The Muppet Show with Lila (really, he's watching it - it's very cute). Once the video is over, we're going out for some fantastic New Jersey style pizza at Saccone's, so I want to get the boy fed before we leave. If he's feeling agreeable, then he'll just hang out while we eat. We'll see what happens.

This photo is from Lila's Olympic debut. Yesterday, her swim school held the 2008 Munchkin Olympics. She's showing off her medal (and her extreme fatigue) in this picture. That's my little swimmer!


Anonymous said...

Good job Lila! Way to go! We're very proud of you! We love you!

Mammaw & Papa Frank

Hultman's said...

Hi- I saw your blog listed under "Austin" so I thought I would stop by. Then I saw that you had a "soul revolution" link so I thought I'd leave a comment. Do you go to Gateway? We have been going there for a few months and love it. We're excited for soul revolution to start!

Stop by our blog sometime :)

Kerri Thorn said...

Saccone's is YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

How can you go to Saconnes without me ;o{

Lila looks so sweet with her medal...congratulations! She is a good little swimmer!

love, Grammie and Papa Joe

Anonymous said...

I just saw your Daddy peeking in the window, Lila!


Hultman's said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting us! I would love to meet up to say "HI". e-mail me at
hultman18@yahoo.com and we'll figure out when and where :)

Martha said...

Look how cute she is! She looks like you and Doug all wrapped up into a small package!