Exotic Pets

A pygmy possum peed on my son's back this morning. And my daughter had a python around her neck. We had our preschool field trip to the Pet Store and it was fraught with amusement! I brought along a camera, but it stayed in my bag the whole time. I'm hoping that one of the other moms, who brought her camera and actually used it, will share a few photos with me. I asked Lila which animal was her favorite and she said all of them were!

The only part of the trip that I didn't like was when they fed a small rat to a very big python. The two older brothers of one of the girls were there with us and they really wanted to see what would happen. Boys. I was hesitant about witnessing the event myself because I really like small furry animals, but my curiosity got the better of me. It only took about 30 seconds to decide that I didn't need to see any more.

I mean, if the snake had just grabbed the thing and consumed it, I think I could have handled watching. But nooo. The snake first had to squeeze the poor thing to death and that took FAR too long. I was on the verge of tears for about ten minutes after that. I helped myself recover by holding a floppy little ferret. I know they are stinky and I'll never own one, but it doesn't stop them from being really cute!

P.S. - Would you get a load of the fat rolls on this baby!


The Hultman's said...

Oh! I should not have read this post :)

I wasn't even there to see the death of the poor little thing and I am practically in tears too!

Anonymous said...

You are just like your mother! I would never let Greg keep any kind of animal or reptile that ate live prey. I don't care what anyone says, they are not "just" mice, or rats, or squirrels. They are living things.

Your mo-ther

Anonymous said...

P.S. "Frog Legs" Peeler is no more. Maybe he should be called "Chubs" Peeler now.