Behold! A post!

Right now I have a headache and a soggy shoulder. The headache is from having my hair pulled back all day. The soggy shoulder is from the baby (that would be Eli) who insisted on spitting out his pacifier and licking my shirt while I was rocking him before bed. This is a symptom of his new love of fabric. He's not really interested in toys that we give him, but he'll play play endlessly with soft blankets and burp cloths. And they are always soggy when he returns them.

For those who haven't heard, we started our preschool class last week and it's going great! The girls love it and it's scratching the Teacher Itch that I've had as long as I can remember. We spent this week talking about Pockets, and next week we're moving on to Pets. We're even taking a field trip to an exotic pet store next weekend, where the girls will get to touch/hold some of the animals!

Oh, and Eli is out of our room! He has made a seamless transition to his crib in Lila's room and we have regained full use of our bedroom. Unfortunately, the aforementioned shirt-sogging baby is now fussing and needs to be rocked again...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations all around! Starting school! Getting a new bedroom! Things have been busy around the Peeler house, haven't they?


Anonymous said...

And how does miss Lila feel about a roommate??????

love from grammie

martha said...

How fun! I bet he's such a cutie! I am so excited that your class is going so well.