Stretchy Pants

The Boy now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches. That measurement, from head to heel, is about the length of an English hothouse cucumber. That is different than your average cucumber, which is shorter. His weight will more than triple between now and birth as he rapidly puts on baby fat. I'm curious to find out whether he'll be on the small end of average, like his sister, or ginormous, like his father was at birth.

He's slightly perturbed with me today because I'm wearing maternity jeans with a thick elastic band around the waist. It's not all that tight, but apparently it's tight enough for him to feel it. He keeps squirming and kicking at it. I seem to remember Lila doing the same thing when I wore some shorts with a similar waist band. Sorry, son, but occasionally I've got to wear something besides Stretchy Pants.

Lila just woke up from her nap and she's knocking on the inside of her bedroom door. This is something she's started doing recently and I don't get it. She just feels the need to knock sometimes. If you ignore her, she'll come out on her own. It is fun to go and knock back to see what happens though. She'll either keep knocking and you can play a little game or she'll open the door to see who's there.

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