the new 'hood

I don't know what song this is or where she learned it, but Lila is walking around, singing, "Shake it to the left. Shake it to the right." Hmm...

This is completely unrelated, but I just realized that we have not had a party at our new house! We've had some leadership meetings and had people over to hang out, but no real parties. Clearly, this must be remedied. Now I have to think of a reason to have a party. Think. Think. Think. I've got it! We'll have a Daylight Savings Time party! [you think i'm kidding...]

I'm trying to get a neighborhood Bible study set up here in our new 'hood too. There is a neighborhood Yahoo group and I've put out a couple of calls for other moms who'd be interested. I've only heard from one other mom who's both interested and available, but I've gotten a couple of replies that are like, "I'm not a mom, but..." So I'm thinking of expanding it to an evening group open to all women.

For someone who's introverted and likes to spend time alone, I sure do put a lot of effort into trying to get extra people into my house. Interesting.

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