Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, this is crazy... Doug is not going on his business trip after all! For weeks, I've been stressing out about it and then, three days before he's supposed to leave, somebody at Dell decides that they need to save money. They paged him yesterday morning to tell him that he can't go after all. I'm relieved, of course, but it's a bit of a mental shift because I'd been preparing myself for his absence for so long!

On a completely different topic, Lila has started having "bad dreams". And boy are they strange. The first one (that we know about) involved a bad noise, apples, and flying. The girl talked about apples for days afterward because we have a few apple trees in our backyard and this dream reminded her that they'll start putting out fruit soon. She is beside herself with excitment over that one.

Then, a couple of nights ago, she comes into our room in the early morning saying, "I don't like the monkey bite me." Umm... what? It took a few times to understand her because, (a) we were half-asleep, (b) she had a pacifier in her mouth, and (c) what she was saying made no sense. We finally determined that it was another dream, this one involving a girl monkey who was laughing and biting her.

This morning, it was something about a dinosaur biting her, a dog and a kitty, and her hands being dirty. This should prove to be an entertaining phase...

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