Fizzing Whizbees

As of Saturday, I'm 27 weeks pregnant. Only 84 days to go! The Boy is really starting to get big. That means I'm really starting to feel pregnant. He weighs almost two pounds - that's about the size of a head of cauliflower - and he's about 14.5 inches with his legs extended. Unless he's larger or smaller, which is always possible. He supposedly sleeps and wakes at regular intervals now.

So, I was in the bathroom this morning, fixing my hair, and the house was relatively quiet. As I stood there, I became aware of a little fizzing noise. I started tracking it down and had settled on Doug's toothbrush when the noise stopped. I found it slightly alarming that Doug's toothbrush was making spontaneous fizzing noises, but what can you do?!?

Well, thankfully, I found out this afternoon that I was wrong about the source. After my shower, I was in much the same situation and heard the noise again. This time it lasted long enough for me to track it down and verify the source. It was coming from the battery pack that was hanging out of a rooster-shaped paper lantern on the counter. Still slightly alarming, but at least the toothbrush isn't possessed!

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