NEVER refer to a pregnant woman as 'fat'.

You know, I'm pregnant. Every day, all the time. But sometimes I really feel pregnant. Today's not so bad, but last night I felt like a tick. Seriously! And I'm nowhere near done with the growing yet! You know that look that pregnant women get toward the end of their pregnancy? In those last few weeks they start to just ooze weariness and they wear a look that says, "I am so done with this."

I'm convinced that that feeling is all part of God's plan. Labor and delivery and having a newborn are highly stressful and frightening things. But by the time the baby is ready to be born, you don't care anymore. You are so ready to get that kid out of your body that you'd be willing to go through anything! You may question why God is trying to kill you with this thing that people keep referring to as a Miracle, but you aren't worrying (too much) about what you can't control!

Do me a favor and DON'T remind me of this fantastic bit of insight when I start to have That Look. It's really something that can only be appreciated in retrospect.

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