Where No Hedgie Has Gone Before

I put a hedgehog in the bathtub with my daughter last night. I took Hurley out to clean his cage, and it occured to me that I'd given him a Severely Unappreciated Bath before (he doesn't even like the sound of running water now), but it was not water deep enough to swim in. I wanted to see him swim, so in he went! It was very funny to watch those little legs propelling his round body through the water. He didn't really care for the activity and he smelled rather odd when he got wet, but the rest of us enjoyed it. I think I will wait a couple of weeks and do it again, but use some pet shampoo on his little belly and feet. For those who might be concerned that I am being unkind to my pointy little pet, don't worry - baths are recommended for hedgies. Besides, I've seen the kind of thing that gets stuck between those tiny little toes...!

The photo you see here is of Hurley investigating one of our kitchen windowsills. I plopped him on the kitchen counter while I did something else (don't worry - i clean up the path where the aforementioned dirty little feet tread) and when I turned around he had climbed up onto the sill. I actually got quite a few good pictures of him. He usually refuses to do anything remotely cute and/or hides when I get the camera out, but he was having too much fun this time. I just let him climb around and kept snapping photos until he started showing a bit too much interest in my plant.

I know that the devoted fans of my daughter will be disappointed in this post, but I haven't talked about Hurley in a very long time and I wanted to show off one of my cute pictures!


Still Crazy said...

No offense, but I'm more concerned about what might have come off in the water with your pointy little daughter. Sorry, worrying is my hobby.

Grammie said...

WE WANT LILA, WE WANT LILA, WE WANT LILA, WE WANT LILA - ok, enough already......;o}