We couldn't find a babysitter on Monday, so we had to take Lila to the closing with us. This is her helping us with paperwork. She was taking her job very seriously!

It was hilarious, actually, because she was totally studying the actions of the lady from the title company and then copying them. The lady would make marks on papers, hand them to us to sign, put them upside down on another stack, flip through the them, etc. Lila was doing all the same things and totally looked like she knew what she was doing. I told Doug it was a good thing we had her with us because we never would have gotten through all that paperwork without her!

By the way, Grandad Dorsey was in the hospital for a couple of nights because he needed a blood transfusion, but he is back home now and doing alright. You keep praying and I'll keep you updated!

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irene peeler said...

I hope she got to sign the check :o) She is looking like a CEO - you go girl!

love and kisses and hugs from Grammie and PaJoe