Departure and Illness

Well, Jessica went back home today. We're really going to miss her around here! It's amazing how quickly you can get used to having someone around, especially someone as good-natured and affectionate as Jessica. I think it's going to take a few days for Lila to get used to her being gone. She hasn't said much about her absence yet, but I suspect that she'll be asking for "Ge-ge-kuh" tomorrow.

Poor Dougie is not feeling well this evening. His tummy is all messed up, so I made him some ginger tea and then sent him to bed early. He definitely didn't complain about that. Besides not feeling well, the poor guy hasn't gotten to bed on time in at least two weeks! I just hope that his healing rest isn't sabotaged by any early morning insomnia...

The three of us went to Bed Bath & Beyond this afternoon to get a few things we needed for the house. Specifically, we were looking for a new bedspread for the guest room, a drain rack for the kitchen sink, and a "shower caddy" for the shower stall in our bathroom. Did you know that you can use up to five of those '20% off any one item' coupons at one time?!? We used three and I left feeling Quite Thrifty.

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