Sick Girls Everywhere

Poor Lila has been running a fever since yesterday morning. It got up to 103 degrees yesterday afternoon, so we took her to the doctor who, of course, could find nothing wrong with her. She has no other symptoms, so they said to watch her and bring her back if the fever spikes to over 103 degrees or continues for five days. She'll be going back to the doctor tomorrow because her fever got up to 103.8 this evening.

I woke up this morning not feeling well myself. Nothing I can put a name to, just general ickiness. My head hurt and my body was aching. Doug worked from home for most of the day (apparently he also built a fort with Jessica and they hunted buffalo in our hallway - all the exciting stuff happens when i'm asleep!). Anyway, I still feel a little icky, but I have no fever and I'll get over it.

This evening, Jessica was complaining a bit of not feeling well. I thought maybe she was looking to bank off of Lila's sickness attention, but I checked her temperature and she's got a fever too! It's not nearly as high, but a fever nonetheless. I went out and bought some Children's Tylenol (all we had was infant's and extra strength) and hopefully she will feel better tomorrow!


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