Moving Day Approaches

Well, we're moving tomorrow. Kinda crazy! I'm a little sad to leave this house. Not because I love the house itself - I don't, really - but because all of my wife and mommy memories have been formed while I've lived here. I wonder how long it will be before the new place really feels like home.

My second cousin (i think that's right - i'm not sure how all that works) is staying with us for a few weeks. We invited her to come and I'm glad to have her here. It's been a little difficult, adjusting to suddenly having a second child around in the midst of all this other craziness. We're having fun though, and I'm sure we'll settle into a new routine soon enough. You know me - as long as I've got a routine, life is good. :o)~

I think Lila is tired of how much of our time goes into this "packing" business, but she's doing alright. She's totally diggin' the fact that Jessica is around and she wants to follow her and do whatever she is doing. Jessica told me a couple of days ago that it's tiring having a toddler around all day. I just laughed out loud. Tell me about it...

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irene peeler said...

You are so busy, Lila! I hope you like your new house :o)

love and hugs and kisses from PaJoe and Grammie