Naked Baby, On the Run

One of Lila's new favorite games is to run (i.e., crawl swiftly) through the house, completely nude, before bathtime. This started last week when I was having to do bathtime by myself because Doug was out of town. I got her naked too soon, before the bath was ready, so I let her run around that way while I finished. Then, when I went to get her, I pretended to chase her down and catch her.

That was the beginning of the game. She loves it! She knows it's coming as soon as I start taking her clothes off. She's clamoring to get down on the ground and those little legs are pumping before she even touches the floor. Then it's off to the races! (she really can't move that fast, but don't tell her that!) She runs and I do a little shuffle-run behind her.

"I'm going to get that baby! Oh no, she's getting away! She's just too fast for me! Haha, I've almost got her! Ah, look at that turn - now she's getting away again!" She just laughs and laughs!

Unfortunately, she loves this game so much that she's started crying when we actually put her in the tub. I guess we'll try letting her run naked for a little longer before we put her in the bath. It's just sad to see her go from laughing and having a ball to crying and begging to be let back out of the bathtub.

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