Dear Bloggy

Dear Bloggy,

I'm writing today to tell you about an extraordinary person. That person is my husband, Doug Peeler. It's easy for even I to forget how special he is at times, but today I want to share it with the world.

Doug is my favorite person and best friend. I love spending time with him and I miss him when he's not around. He has a wonderful sense of humor and a laugh that could make anyone smile. He's also a great person to have serious conversations with. We can chat about everything from the power of God to problem solving strategies.

Doug is a very compassionate and supportive husband and that has been a huge blessing in my life. He has loved me and held me tight through severe bouts of depression and he has taught me so much about God's love and forgiveness because he, himself, is such a loving and forgiving person.

Doug is an unusually involved and capable father. Our little girl loves him to pieces and it's easy to see why. Since the beginning, he has changed as many diapers and gotten up with her in the night as many times as I have. He plays with her, feeds her, and does her special bedtime routine every night.

I love my husband very much, Bloggy, and I am proud of him. Please print this letter so that other women can know that wonderful men are out there, waiting to be found, and/or to remind them of the things that are special about their own husbands.

Have you hugged a boy today?

Angela P.
Austin, TX


Grandmere Mimi said...

Actually I have told other people how wonderful your husband is too. I am so happy that you found someone so good and special and who treats you as well as Doug does, because you are special too. You deserve the best! When you started walking up the aisle at your wedding I looked at him and he was crying so of course I started crying too. I remember thinking then that everyone deserves to have someone love them that much!

irene peeler said...

As his Mom, I know how special he is. Getting to know you, and love you, has been a joy for me and I am learning to know why Doug chose you! Seeing you two together, and now with Lila, is a gift from God.

You are my chosen daughter!


Sharon said...

It's good to find others who are more than happy with their hubby! These days all the news and fluff magazines talk about are horrible relationships and bad marriages that end in disaster. I want to hear that others are as happy as I am! We are NOT a minority, we just don't feel the need to air our laundry in public (even though ours is more clean than dirty!)

Some of us have cups that OVERFLOWETH! May yours continue to do so!

michele said...

coolio. good to hear someone talk so possitively of their man. I am happy you are happy. :0) Will I see you two tonight? I know you are going out of town so maybe you will have already left...

rock on - and nope, not hugged a boy today or this week actually. This month... humm... yes. I did. :0) he-he.