Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is our 4th Anniversary - woohoo! :) Doug has not made it home from work yet and I suspect that is because he's buying my gift on the way. My husband, the last-minute shopper!

Lila is celebrating our anniversary by flinging her toys around and generally making the house look like it exploded. As for Doug and I, we don't have any special plans. Doug was out of town last weekend and we will both be out of town this weekend. We usually plan a party to celebrate, but I totally forgot this year. Oh well. People usually can't make it anyway! :o)~

Eek! Lila just found a Cheeto (crunchy, if you're interested) in the study floor! Thankfully, I spotted her and, thankfully again, she decided to show it to me rather than eat it. I mean, she's eaten a Cheeto before (just one - see photo - we'll discuss what's in her hair in this photo another day), but I don't want her eating one that's been in the floor for who-knows-how-long and licked by who-knows-how-many cats. Okay, now she's pulling all the hanging files out of a box. Yes, that's a much better idea. I think I need to go now.

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irene peeler said...

The first thing i noticed is that there isn't a foot or two on her high chair tray!!!! She is probably much to excited about the cheeto she has in her chubby little hand to be interested in being laid back.....See you tomorrow, Lila! And Angela and Doug :o)

the Other Mrs. Peeler