Love that Lila Bean!

Lila is such a Daddy's girl. I mean, it's almost terminal, it's so bad! I have been sick for five days and barely did anything besides lay on the couch and blow my nose. Did Lila seem upset by this lack of attention from Mommy? NO! Daddy was around all day - who needs Mommy?!? I was on the verge of being offended by this, but she's still really sweet to me too, when she decides to notice me.

Yesterday, I came into the living room after a nap and when Lila saw me, she started clapping and grinning. Okay, so maybe she likes me just a little bit too... :o)~

I'm sure the poor child is bored though. We usually go somewhere every day - usually more than one somewhere. And she often gets to play with (or around) other kids. But for the past several days, it's been the Daddy Show (except for the nursery at church). As much as she loves that Daddy person, I think she's jonesing for some action! We went to the gym earlier, which she tolerates, but later we'll go to the library, which she loves! And we might go on a lunch date - just the two of us - for a little added excitement. (i'm actually just as anxious as lila to get out of this house after being cooped up for days!)

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