"A stone is heavy and sand, a burden, but aggravation from a fool outweighs them both." (Proverbs 27:3)

Gee, do you think Eli's excited?
Here's another amusing conversation with my daughter (who happens to be too smart for my her own good).

Doug gave the kids this bouquet of kittens for Valentine's Day (which I had no part in selecting). Doug gave me roses, dark chocolates from Copenhagen, and a necklace from Edinburgh. I gave Doug two lottery tickets and a card with a giant conversation heart that says, "Did U Fart?" * I didn't get anything for the kids, but I did buy half-price Cherry Limeades for them earlier in the day.

Lila and I were walking down the stairs a little later and...

Lila: "What did you get us for Valentine's Day?"
Me: (evasively) "You got a bouquet of kittens!"
Lila: "Did you help Dad pick that out?"
Me: " . . . No."

Then I said the lamest thing I've ever said to my child.

"I got you Cherry Limeades for Valentine's Day!"

* With gift-giving holidays, Doug and I are sometimes sweet and sentimental, sometimes goofy and/or irreverent. Sometimes it will be a pricy gift and sometimes something homemade or very inexpensive. Since we never have discussions about our plan ahead of time, we nearly always take opposite routes. Thankfully, we both find it amusing and no one is offended.

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