Christmas Miscellany

I'm home this evening and it's so delightfully quiet. The only sounds are from the dishwasher and the clicking of the computer keys. Doug and the kids are on a hot cocoa date at Mozart's and I'm contemplating a cup of coffee myself. There's a chill in the air (relatively speaking). Maybe I'll open the windows, so I can curl up with my hot coffee and a good book in a cold room. I picked up a copy of 7 at the library again today and I really want to finish it before I have to return it this time!

This conversation happened earlier today and it cracked me up:

Eli: "Can we wrestle?"
Me: "Sure. . . . I'm gonna win!"
Eli: "Of course, you're not. . . . I'm so fast and I punch so much, I'm gonna win!"

And to finish off this random post. A few photos of the Christmas tree decorating.

Doug was the designated Ornament Unpacker.
The kids took turns hanging the ornaments on the tree.
And we made it through the whole process with only one broken item!

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