Precocious Children

Lila and I had the following conversation on Monday morning.

Lila (who was feeling very contrary): I don't like having school. It's not fun.

Me: You don't like having school?!? What do you not like about it?

Lila: When my school friends come... [mumble mumble]

Me: You don't like it when your school friends come? You always seem excited when they get here. Why don't you like it when they come?

Lila: I don't like the shape of their car.

The things that go on in her head leave me speechless at times. Of course, Doug says the same thing about me...

I love my son ever so much, but he is driving me completely bonkers today. When I put him down for his last nap, he screamed for 45 minutes before he fell asleep. I feel quite traumatized by the experience. I'm sure he'll wake up and flirt with me as though nothing happened. Good thing his flirty little smiles have the power to wipe my memory clean!

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Anonymous said...

Why the sad face? Was that because of the shape of their car? I'm not sure what it was about that picture but the expression on her face just tugged at my heart. Good thing she doesn't know how crazy I am about her or she'd have me wrapped around her little finger, even tighter. Any time she's unhappy it makes me feel like crying!

As for the flirt, I have a feeling that may cause him trouble with the ladies when he gets older. Better watch that one. He's a heart-melter too.