I'm feeling quite refreshed today after some very satisfying alone time this afternoon. I went out and had lunch by myself. Well, actually, I did take someone with me - a book! I was able to read and to eat without worrying about who was going to wake up or having to get up from the table half-a-dozen times to fetch something. After that, I went to Borders and enjoyed a brownie while I read my book some more!

I did get a Father's Day gift for Doug as well... which is good since I just remembered that I never got him a birthday present! (i know, i know - but i had a one-week-old infant and i wasn't allowed to drive yet!) I had decided on two gifts for Father's Day. Maybe I'll make one of them a birthday present...

Eli is four weeks old now and he seems so much bigger than when we brought him home. He's gained 1.5 lbs and 3 inches since he was born! (current stats: 8 lbs 8 oz and 21 inches) He is actually focusing on things now, including our faces, and will sometimes even track them with his eyes if they move. Lila has seen me pass a toy back and forth in front of him and tries to do it herself, but her technique is a little off. She holds it just a couple of inches in front of his face and moves it back and forth very quickly. Oh well. He thinks she's cool anyway! :)

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