Well, to be perfectly honest, the first week home from the hospital was hell. I quickly descended into a depression every bit as bad as the one I experienced after Lila was born. The good news is that I am recovering much more quickly this time. There are a lot of contributing factors to my recovery, but the help of family and friends has been invaluable.

Eli is three weeks old now and we seem to be figuring him out a little more each day. It seems like much more than three weeks ago that I went to the hospital to have my c-section! Eli has been eating about every 2 hours during the day, but goes more like 3 to 3.5 hours between feedings at night. The interrupted sleep is not fun, but it could be much worse!

Lila didn't seem to mind Eli's presence at all for those first couple of weeks, but this past week has been more difficult. She is being very rude and defiant, and she told us once that she thinks he wants to go back (either into my belly or to the hospital - i'm not sure which). However, I know that is normal and I'm confident that she will adjust quickly... at least once life develops some sort of normalcy again.

Doug was off for three weeks and just went back to work this past Monday. He is very tired, of course, but doing well otherwise. I'm sure he'd love to be going to bed early with me, but has had conference calls at 9 p.m. the past two nights. For Father's Day, I'm thinking of sending him to the guest room for a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Okay, I'd better stop typing now before I wake up The Sleeper.

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