Everyone is Fabulous!

It's fabulous how easily amused little kids are. Earlier this afternoon, Lila and I were playing a "game" called Row the Boat. This is just the two of us sitting facing each other, holding hands, and rocking back and forth while singing "Row, Row, Row your Boat". Lila thought it was hilarious. I played a round or two with this tiny stuffed kitten of hers and she was nearly shrieking, she thought it was so funny!

These kids are so awesome that I ALMOST want to have another one. I get over that pretty quickly though! I never again want to experience the solid year of depression struggles that pregnancy and childbirth bring with them for me. Some people enjoy being pregnant and to them I say, "Cheers! Go knock yourself out (or up, as it were)!" Hormones and I do not get along.

This is a total change of subject, but Doug was fantastic while we were up with my family in Seven Points! He was a constant support for all of us, but especially my step-father, Frank. I know it was completely exhausting for him - it was for all of us - but he was wise enough to take care of himself too. He asked his parents to come to town early to help us take care of the kids. That helped a lot!

[p.s. - this is a photo of my dad (a.k.a., grandaddy and rick) with the kiddos.]

[p.p.s. - eli, at six weeks old, rolled over from his belly to his back yesterday!]


Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Doug was wonderful through everything. He was very kind and supportive. I don't know how Frank would have made it through without the help of Doug and his own friends. Now that all the responsibilities are pretty much over Frank is doing much better. I, on the other hand, felt better when I had things to be responsible for. Now that the memorial is over and everyone has gone home I feel lost and so alone in that house! I guess it's just something that God and I will have to get through.


renee said...

i am so glad to hear that things are feelingmore stable and even joyful! praise god indeed. i'll continue to lift all of you up.