Eli Update

I took Eli to the doctor this morning, to rule out constipation and/or an ear infection, and his weight is up to 9 lbs. 13 oz. He was small for his age at two weeks. I'll be interested to see where he stands at two months!

This is one of those sad, but cute things. Eli HATES the car seat, so if he is in it and not asleep, then he is screaming. Sometimes he reaches a level of crying where it really sounds like he's going to hurt himself. There have been many times when we were going somewhere and he started doing this and one of us would reach one arm back there to comfort him.

A few of those times, (here's the sad, but cute part) he would only calm down once he had grabbed onto one of our fingers. Then he'd just sit back there, doing that post-cry hiccuping thing, and hold tightly onto a finger.

"Oh good. You haven't left me. Just let me hold on to this so I don't forget..."

That is just one of the ways his personality is so different from Lila's at that age. He's also different in the way he "talks". The noises he makes are so Boy! He grunts and growls and shouts. It's very rare that he makes those cute little cooing noises. He's so funny!


Anonymous said...

It's funny how you can fall in love with someone after just one look, but it's easy to do with a baby. Of course I guess I am a little biased in this case.


Grammie said...

9 lbs 13 oz - hmm, that is what Kuncle Keith weighed the day he was born ;o}

love and hugs from grammie in Houston