stories with interruptions

So, those cookie-looking things that you see Lila proudly displaying in yesterday's photo are Sweet Potato Patties. They are very yummy, and she ate two of them after they were cooked. Of course, she has refused to have anything to do with them today... The photo that you see here is the gigantic mess that we made while cooking. It was a fun little project, but much more involved than I expected when we started out!

Hah! Lila just informed me that there are grapes and a baby in my belly. True. True.

I'm still going to the gym twice per week, but my speed on the treadmill is getting lower and lower. Sometimes I have to rest after just hauling myself up the stairs to GET to the treadmills. I do like the confused and nervous looks on people's faces when I'm using the weight machines though. (don't worry - i'm being careful!)

Now Lila is telling me about how she's going to take care of her little brother when he's sick. She says she will go to the store and get him some medicine while he stays home and rests. I love hearing the things that are going on inside that little head!

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