Lila is in Houston with Grammie and Papa Joe right now and I should be having a fabulous day by myself, but at the moment I'm just feeling frustrated and sorry for myself. There are a lot of little things that haven't gone the way I expected today, but my biggest frustration started with a call from Lila's doctor. Well, the story really starts with her appointment last week.

While we were there, it was decided that they needed to do a urine culture on her (odor and discomfort). I really wanted to avoid torturing her with another catheter, so they said I could try getting her to go potty at the doctor's office. She wanted no part of that, so they sent me home with a sterile cup and a lab slip. That evening, just before her bath, I got her to go potty and I collected it.

At that point I realized that the lab was closed and this urine was going to have to sit overnight. Doug and I decided that was probably okay and he dropped it off at the lab first thing on Wednesday morning. We went to Houston on Thursday and I got a call on Friday saying that there was bacteria in Lila's urine and they had called in a prescription for her. At this point I began to feel guilty over a not talking to the doctor about her problem sooner.

I had the prescription transferred to a pharmacy in Houston on Saturday and Lila started taking the medicine that morning. Once she started her medicine and had no reaction to it, I felt better and we left her to live it up at Grammie and Papa Joe's house. I talked to them yesterday and found out that she had been happily taking her medicine and was doing great!

Today, I got another call from the doctor's office saying that they had gotten the final results back from Lila's urine and that the bacteria was resistant to the medicine they had her on. They wanted us to stop giving it to her and start her on a new medication that they'd faxed in to the pharmacy. They also wanted us to take another specimen in for a repeat culture and needed the name of a lab to send the info to.

I called and passed the info on to the grandparents who said they would stop the medicine. I figured it would be okay to wait until tomorrow afternoon, when Lila gets home, to start giving her the new stuff. After some phone tag with the doctor's office, I talked to a nurse who told me that they really wanted her to start taking the new medication ASAP. [sigh]

They also got info on the closest lab for us to go to and said we needed to pick up a sterile cup from them, collect the urine, and return the specimen to the lab within an hour of collection. Within an hour, eh? At that point, I told them how things had gone down with the first collection and asked if that might have affected the results. They said that yes, that could definitely have been a problem. [sigh]

They said that for now, we need to assume that the results are accurate and wait to see what the repeat culture says. They did assure me that it will not hurt Lila to take this medicine if she's not sick. I called and left a message with the Peelers, asking them to call me with a pharmacy number so I can have the prescription transferred, but it's really only going to get the medicine into her a few hours earlier.

Now I'm frustrated because this has all been a big hassle and emotional drain (for me) and there might not even be anything wrong with Lila! She might be taking medicine that she doesn't need. The easiest way to make sure the next sample isn't tainted would be to have a catheter, but I hate to do that to her. And they want all this to happen as fast as possible, but she's not here!

I know that I'm overreacting, but we've had to torture Lila so many times with tests that always come back negative. I finally decide to be relaxed about something that I was concerned about and then it turned out I should have pursued it sooner. Or maybe it's all nothing again and our mistake (made, in part, because we didn't know any better) cost us all this time and stress.

Ugh. I'm just whining now. And I just got the number for the pharmacy in Houston and need to make another phone call.

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renee said...

i just want to say, you are awesome!