Well, really, Lila's not doing much different this week than last week. She's still the cutest baby ever though! She's still working on discovering her hands and feet. She's really good at winging them around, but that's about all so far. She'll realize they are part of her body soon. I can't wait to see what she does then!

I've been playing "This Little Piggy" with her, but I can only remember about half of it... We also put some sock rattles on her last night, but the rattles are so quiet that she didn't even notice. She's making lots more noises these days too! When she starts 'talking', she makes the cutest squealing and cooing noises - and the occasional shockingly loud yell. Oh, she had a First yesterday. She was on her belly and she picked her head up and turned it the other way! Go Lila! :)

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