Doug and I have now both been initiated by Lila. Doug got some projectile spit-up a couple of days ago and I got pooped on this afternoon. It was really quite gross. Thanks to that incident, she's on her third outfit for the day. The first one had to go because she let so much milk leak out the side of her mouth while she was nursing that it soaked the shoulder of her shirt.

I think the pooping was payback for all the time we spend sitting around laughing at her while she's working on poots and poopies. She makes some very funny faces and does a lot of grunting. It's not very ladylike, but it's quite amusing! The spit-up adventure was a protest against being burped, which she hates. She growls and tries to throw herself off the shoulder or lap (depending on how we're burping her)!

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jenni said...

i'm sure your adventures have only begun!