Okay, I'm feeling a bit better this morning, thanks to antibiotics and Tylenol, so I'll try posting again...

Lila is getting smarter by the hour! She can track people with her eyes now and will watch someone walk across the room. She's also started showing an interest in mobiles and brightly colored toys. Her favorite "toy", however, seems to be the accent cushions on our couch. They have lots of colors and shapes and she loves to stare at them and talk to them.

Her neck is getting stronger and stronger too. She can hold her head up for several seconds at a time when she's upright and she can *almost* pick her head up and turn it the other way when she's on her belly. She really doesn't care for spending time on her belly. She'll put up with it for a few seconds and then get frustrated with her limited mobility and start fussing. Gotta work on those muscles though!

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