Here's a story that's in keeping with my ability to injure myself in random ways: Yesterday, when Lila and I were leaving my appointment with the counselor, it was *absurdly* hot outside. So rather than put my child directly into the oven that was my car, I started the engine and got the air conditioner blasting and left a back door open to let the hot air out.

Then she and I went to stand in the shade for a few minutes while the car cooled down. Unfortunately, I managed to stand in an ANT BED! I'm sure it was an amusing sight for anyone watching as I started to hop around and try to get the ants off my feet (i was wearing flip-flops). Thankfully, Lila was in her car seat and I only found one ant trying to make its way up the side. That ant quickly lost its life and my child and I relocated. Darn ants!

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