Mmmm... not much to say today. It was a full and pleasant weekend that involved a lot of food. For anyone interested:

Branch BBQ on Wells Branch - pretty good. no atmosphere really and there is a tv on that is very distracting, but the food is good. nothing spectacular, but tasty inexpensive barbecue.

Peony Aisan Cuisine on Balcones Dr - quite yummy! we ate family style so i got to try a few different dishes and they were all good! they also offer some different hot teas. we had the jasimine tea and it was delicious! my favorite dish was the vegetable lo mein. it was simple, but tasted wonderful!

Taco Bell - figure it out for yourself. i did try something new though. i had the cheesy gordita crunch (or whatever it's called). it tastes like pretty much everything else on the menu, which (if you like taco bell) means it was pretty good. i did like the combination of pita and hard taco shell. it's kind of like sticking tortilla chips in your sandwich... :)

Last night we had grilled steaks, but that was not a restaurant. I'm really looking forward to cooking for myself tonight!

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