Creative Writing

Here are two bits of creativity from Lila's Writer's Journal (all mistakes included - 'cause they make it more awesome)!

8 - 28 - 14

Books interes me because some are filled with adventure
and some have misterys. they interest me beacause some
are calm and peaceful and oters are exiting. I love reading
books exiting or calm with mysterys or not it is fun to read!

9 - 4 - 14

my tree house home

Once I had a 5 story apple tree. With it I built a 5 story apple tree
house home. My best frind and I lived in it togeter. We ate apple pie,
apple sause, homemade apple ice cream, and plain apples. One
day I said "I'm tired of apples let's go down to pick grapes, blue
berris, cheriies and razz berris."

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