Eli has developed quite the hair trigger lately. He can go from Happy Halfling to Ring Wraith in a matter of moments. For example, when we told him, a few minutes ago, that he could not have a fruit rope before bed (should have eaten your dinner, little dude), he turned red in the face and screeched, "I will never go to bed!"

Alrighty then. Let's hope this phase passes quickly. He has a miraculous ability to make US feel guilty for allowing him to experience the consequences of his own actions, but I can overcome that. You don't stick your fingers in your ears and scream at this Mommy.

Despite my son's new tricks, today was much better than yesterday. A good night's sleep has dispelled my funk and restored my joie d'ete. [How the heck do I put accented letters in here?!?] True, my eyelid is still twitching, but maybe another good night's sleep will get rid of that too.

The kids and I had a nice little adventure at Zilker Park this morning. We arrived around 10 a.m., in the midst of a light drizzle. We found our way down to Lou Neff Point and located the ducks. I only packed 4.5 bread butts with which to feed the waterfowl.

Next time, I'll pack a lot more! We started out with about 4 ducks, but the wildlife started gathering in droves, as soon as they saw food being tossed. Before it was over, there were 8 ducks, 20 turtles, one squirrel, and approximately 3 million pigeons.

The kids did a surprisingly good job of making the bread last, but it had to run out eventually. We then ate our own snack, while being stalked by the 20 turtles and 3 million creepy pigeons, with their weird orange eyes.

After the ducks, we moved up to Auditorium Shores and laid under a tree to read books. I finally convinced the kids that I was not going to entertain them the whole time we were there and they started running and playing. It was lovely.

Then I suggested that we go for a little walk on the hike & bike trail, which everyone thought was a great idea... until we got down there. Eli did alright, but I finally told Lila that I wouldn't be talking to her anymore because I was choosing not to hear whiny voices.

When we had turned around and started back toward the car (a 15 minute walk), Eli started in too. The brain-grating complaints only ceased when I told the kids they weren't much fun to hang out with anymore and implied that I might have to nix the follow-up surprise that I had planned.

Thankfully, that put an end to the whining and the rest of the walk was pleasant, if a bit hot and sticky. The follow-up surprise was lunch at nearby Toastie's Sub Shop, which the kids and I love. Yummy food, followed by rest time, chores, and relaxation.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Except for the Ring Wraith, of course.

- - - - -

This photo is totally unrelated, but adorable. My little ballet dancer, backstage before the recital. It's a ring of swans, eating sour patch kids. :)

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