Apparently, one week is the amount of time it takes for members of my immediate family to get on my nerves. Whenever I spend nearly every waking moment with someone... one week is where I start to get twitchy. I begin to feel a strong need to be awake and not in their presence.

That's the way it is with Doug and, as I'm discovering this evening, that's the way it is with the kids. I'm probably also suffering from some extra fatigue, but I'll get to that later. Let's just say, I'm very glad that it's bedtime.

Doug's surprise birthday party was Saturday evening and it was really fun! Miraculously, he didn't suspect anything and was genuinely surprised when the first half-dozen guests showed up at the front door. Yay!

Buying and preparing large amounts of food would have been a bit suspicious, so I ordered dinner from Rudy's BBQ and a tres leches cake from Chuy's. Chuy's even sent a bag of tortilla chips and little cups of salsa and creamy jalapeno dip home, along with the cake.

Therein lay my downfall. It was a party and I love Chuy's and I was feeling reckless, so I ate the chips and creamy jalapeno. I knew perfectly well that nothing prepared at that restaurant is gluten-free, but I have a stupid rebellious streak.

I felt the effects before the party was even over. I distinctly remember hitting a wall (figuratively, of course) around 8:30 p.m. and vainly hoping that it was just the excitement of the day that was affecting me. Silly rabbit.

I spent all of Sunday in bed and I'm still not at 100% today. I managed to do all the normal things, but I have a persistent twitch in my eyelid. By 6:00 p.m., I wanted to crawl in bed and go to sleep, but I still needed to cook dinner.

By 7:30 p.m., we were eating dinner and I wanted everyone in my family to just. shut. up.

It was lovingly suggested that I excuse myself from the table. I readily complied and took out my aggression on clutter and laundry. Now I'm sulking on the couch, with a computer in my lap. Is 8:30 p.m. too early to go to bed?

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