Eli came home from school today with a bag of Mothers' Day goodies for me. Since there was no one around to tell us that we had to wait until Sunday, he decided I should open them today. There was a drawing, a hand-drawn and written card (which included a picture of Eli and I together, Jesus peering down at us from Heaven, and the three crosses of Golgotha in the background), a cup of homemade peppermint sugar scrub, and - my favorite - The Mommy Test.

This was a little "How well do you know your mom?" quiz that each student answered verbally and their teacher wrote their exact answers on the sheet. The questions, and Eli's answers, are as follows:

The Mommy Test

1. What is your Mom's name?


2. How old is your Mom?

     "I don't remember. She just had a birthday."

3. What does your Mom do during the day while you are at school?

     "She goes to the gym and does other stuff also."

4. What do you like best about your Mom?

     "That she's crazy."

5. Why did God make Moms?

     "To take care of her kids."

6. Who is your Mom's best friend?

     "She has a lot of best friends, but I don't remember their names."

7. What is your favorite thing to do with your Mom?

     "Cheese Fight."

8. Why did your Mom marry your Dad?

     "Because she loves him."

9. Who is the boss at your house?

     "My Mom and Dad."

10. What does your Mom do for fun?

     "Watch America's Funniest Home Videos."

I love it! He's got me pretty well pegged. And I love his diplomatic answer about who's the boss at our house! The only answer I question is number 10. It would seem that Eli doesn't recognize book reading as a form of fun. I watch AFV about once per month. I read books all the time!

A Cheese Fight, if you're curious, is a creation of Eli's. The short version is this: It's a wrestling match that takes place on the couch. More specifically, it happens when we've all watched a video together, the video gets turned off, then one of my kids yells, "Cheese Fight!" and attacks me.

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