Wow, it's been a week since I wrote a blog post. That would be because the past week was CRAZYTOWN! It was the last week of school, plus Lila's ballet recital was Saturday. Then we threw on some major de-cluttering and organizing, just to spice things up.

I spent hours - literally, hours - cleaning the playroom today. I should be exhausted, but I feel energized instead. Getting rid of things and watching a room clear out and become pretty... well, it makes me a very cheerful person.

I touched every single toy (and piece of trash) in that room, and made sure it was in its home. The whole floor is clean now! It hasn't looked like this in... EVER. And it is making it infinitely easier for the kids to look through their things and decide what to get rid of.

None of this would have been possible if Joe and Irene hadn't taken the kids to spend the night at their house. If they had been home, this would have been a far more stressful day! I carried out two big bags full of trash, just from that one room.

And we have a large garbage bag full of things to sell/give away. Hopefully, there will be quite a few more things that end up in the sell bag. The only down side to the room being so clean and organized now is that it's disguising just how much crap is still in there!

Doug spent his day out in the garage. Right now, one side of the garage is clean enough to park a car in. It has been Doug who parks there, because his car is newer (and I just don't care). Now that I have a new car, he wants to clean the other side as well.

So, we'll be clearing a lot of stuff out of our garage. This is highly gratifying and very addictive for me. At the same time, I want it to be done, so that we can move on with life. Oh well, only two weeks until the garage sale...

Since this was kind of a boring update, I'll throw in a moderately cute photo of one of my extremely cute kids.

Pre-K Teddy Bear Picnic

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