Weekend Getaway

Doug and I had a wonderful weekend away to celebrate 10 years of marriage! We dropped the kids off with some grandparents, where we knew they would not miss us one bit, and then headed to Burnet, TX. Well, I guess we were technically 20 miles outside of Burnet, but that's the nearest town. We stayed at Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary & Retreat Center. The whole point of the weekend was just to be... with each other, with God, with ourselves. We didn't really do anything.
This place is deep in the Texas Hill Country, as you can see from the photo - watch your step! Rainbow Hearth could be described as a Bed & Breakfast, but it's really more than that. The proprietor, Mariah, also does massage/bodywork. So it's kind of a spa. And since it is 20 miles from the nearest town, you eat all of your meals there and spend most of your time enjoying silence and solitude. So it's also a retreat center. You get the idea.
We really only saw the other guests (all three of them) at meals, but there were a few friendly pets that could always be counted on for companionship! (See my Facebook page for photos.) While the focus at Rainbow Hearth is not Christian, it is definitely spiritual. Many people might be uncomfortable with the messages they promote, but you can be assured that God and the Holy Spirit are there with you because They are everywhere you go. I just tuned out everything except Jesus and enjoyed my time with Him (as well as with Doug, of course)!
It was really strange to see and explore Lake Buchanan because the water level is extremely low. I will try and remember to post a picture or two on Facebook that have a good view of the lake. It's easy to see where the water level used to be vs. where it is now. I understand that our actions, as a society, are contributing to the current changes in our climate and landscape. I also understand, however, that climates and landscapes have been changing since our world was created. I find it somewhat fascinating to be able to watch it happen this time!
Anyway, I could go on about our weekend - I haven't even started talking about the food yet! - but I'm starting to get sleepy, so it's time to wrap up. If you are looking for extended periods of solitude (with or without another person) and silence so profound, at times, that you can hear your own heartbeat, then this is a great place to visit!
*Is it me, or does this read more like a poorly written travel review than a blog post? Did I mention that I'm sleepy?

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