My First Food Waste Confession

This lonely apple slice somehow managed to sit in the refrigerator until it achieved a rubbery texture that no one was willing to tolerate.

Yep, I just need to stop buying oranges. I did put this one to good use, however. I threw it at Doug's rump.

This was a large and lovely heirloom tomato. I have no excuse for allowing it to go bad. I could easily have added it to a salad or other dish.
There you have it.
Do you want to make a food waste confession?
Do you have a great food save that you'd like to share?

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Susan Jordan said...

I'm sure it's not the type of save you were looking for but when I was in high school I saved a cheeseburger that a boy bought me for well over a year! Kept it in the original wrapper on my dresser. LOL!