Update I Typed on Sunday

We've been in the new house for two days now and we're all exhausted. I've hardly done any manual labor myself. My fatigue comes from still being half-sick and – well, I'm always at least a little tired, aren't I? Doug, on the other hand, has worked himself like a mule for two days and he's at it again as I type this.

Things look about as good as they can with boxes all over the place. I have the family room as put together as I can and that's where the kids and I have been hanging out. We have all our utilities going except for the gas, which means no cooking and no hot water. I just took a cold shower, which was... invigorating. We've been doing a lot of eating out, which would be great if the food were FREE. The gas should be hooked up tomorrow though. I will go find our nearest HEB and we should be cooking real meals again by dinnertime.

To add to the insanity of last week, I developed an extremely painful ear infection just as the flu finally started going away. For one day, it felt like someone was sticking an ice pick in my right ear. Now it's just clogged and ringing with only occasional, minor pain. I have felt like total wimp during this move because I can't even unpack a box without getting winded. I guess that's what happens when you are sick in bed for a week.

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