Update from Tuesday

I'm typing this update from the library. I had to call Doug at work and have him look up the nearest branch and give me directions. We will have Internet access again on Thursday, but for now I'm afraid to try and find any new places because I don't want to get lost. I hadn't realized how dependent I had become on the Internet for finding information and directions! No Internet and no TV means I've been doing a lot more reading though, which has been nice.

I read an Agatha Christie play (called The Unexpected Guest) that was adapted to a novel. It was a pretty easy read, so I finished in about 24 hours. Now I'm re-reading Dracula.

The kids are doing pretty well with all the chaos. They got to bed really late for a few nights, but we finally got them to bed on time last night. In fact, they had trouble going to sleep because they'd already gotten used to staying up later. Lila is having a bit of adjustment difficulty that's displaying itself in disobedience. Nothing shocking. Kids don't have many ways to cope with the things that are bothering them.

Eli doesn't care what house he's in as long as he's got people to play with and a place to sleep. Right now he's staring at all the other kids here at the library, transfixed. Actually, I should be going because we are all getting hungry. (and lila keeps trying to slip her little fingers in to touch my mouse and keyboard.)

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