Unpacking, Cleaning, and Naughtiness

I really don't mind unpacking. I definitely prefer it over packing. It's fun to pull things out and decide where to put them. It's like taking the paint off a canvas you've already painted and then putting it on a new canvas in a different way. Unfortunately, I've been spending so much time unpacking and organizing that everyday sorts of chores have fallen terribly behind.

There are mountains of laundry in three different rooms and the toys are starting to spread across the floor like a nasty rash. Today, Doug had to ask me if I could put away the clean clothes that have been sitting in the laundry room for a week because he was having to come downstairs naked after his bath to find clean underwear. And I think I put Eli's last clean outfit on him this morning. [sigh] Laundry is a disease.

And then there are thing things that happen because I have two small children. I spent approximately 7 minutes upstairs earlier, putting away clothes and toys that had migrated to my bedroom. I left the kids downstairs. Bad idea. I should have known by the way they were both laughing that something was up. When I came back down, they had scattered the food from both cat bowls all over the floor and made a big mess with the water from their drinking fountain. I was too shocked to be angry. Eli I would expect that from, but Lila knows better!

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