Stretchy Jesus

Lila has spent most of the past 24 hours playing by herself. We brought out a Peanuts Christmas play set - it has all the characters with moveable arms, etc. and props. This morning, she incorporated Baby Jesus, a large rubber frog, and Cinderella into the crew. The funniest part is that the part of Baby Jesus is being played by Nearly-Headless Stretchy Man, a little yellow smiley face guy with only one arm (and the obvious attributes of being stretchy and having a nearly decapitated head). We've been referring to him as Stretchy Jesus.

Just a little while ago, Lila was playing with some of the characters and sang the following song:

"You have to be brave when you're sad.
You have to be brave when you're happy too.
You have to be when you're in the stroller.
You might be too big for it."


Anonymous said...

Your children crack me up too. I like the song lyrics! Kind of reminds me of the poem you started making up when you were little, and before you were so rudely interrupted by your mother. I actually don't remember whether I stopped you or that was just as far as you got on your own. At any rate, you and she share a lot of the same talents. And Eli looks adorable in the Santa hat! He's such a happy little chunk you just want to squeeze him!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable little chubby elf you are, Eli! I can't wait to snuggle you and your sister...love from Grammie