The Day's Adventures

Lila and I had a fun little date today. We went to a free screening of Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas at the Alamo Drafthouse (South Lamar)! They even had a live jug band play before the show. Lila's favorite part of the experience was getting to eat (she ordered a corn dog and ate only the corn, not the dog). Her least favorite part was the dark theater. It really wasn't that dark, but I think it was the pre-show anxiety about just how dark it would be that she didn't like.

I also put a big nasty scratch on our mini-van while we were out. I'm usually overly cautious about the boundaries of my vehicle because I just don't have a good sense of them. This time I thought I had room and it turned out I didn't. I scraped the back driver's side against the corner of a dumpster! Ugh. And then I got us into such a tight spot in this miniature parking lot that I couldn't get out!

I was seriously wondering if I'd have to just sit there until someone came and left in one of the cars I was stuck between, when I was saved by a homeless man. There was a guy who seemed to live in that parking lot, right by the dumpsters, and he helped me maneuver my way out. I was so thankful because he really rescued me! I gave him the leftover half of my pizza from the movie and then picked up some cash to give him while we were shopping.

I always wish I could do more though... like bring him home with me and give him a fresh start... I think maybe I have a dream for our future of starting some sort of home/program for homeless, to help those who really want to change and get their life back. Anyway, I digress. Doug is sitting just a few feet away, reading books to Lila, and it's hard to concentrate.


michele said...

sounds like a fun date. did Rougue River String Band play? they have played the last few years before Emmet Otters but I don't know if they were playing this year. They are friends.

Sorry about the van scratch. I didn't know you had a van.

Hope your christmas is groovy and relaxing.

Anonymous said...

Are you being kissed or attacked in the new picture? I thought at first he was kissing you but from the look on your face I wasn't sure. Maybe you weren't sure either?


Mama said...

our church has a program where we help people who are homeless get back on their feet. We can only help 2 or 3 families at a time, but as funding increases and volunteers increase, we'll be able to do more. Maybe suggest something similer at your church? It's a lot of fun. We are curently using the old rectory as one of the homes and the mom of the family helps out in the kitchen. It's win win all the way around.