stabbing, gagging, and hurting

Lila tried to put her eye out with a fork last night. For the past few months, she has become a fabulous puppeteer. Anything that crosses her path, or even parts of her body, can suddenly develop a personality and start speaking to you. We've been dining with Baby Fork at every meal for quite some time now. At dinner last night, Baby Fork got a little out of hand and stabbed Lila in the eye, drawing blood. Thankfully, he didn't get her eyeball, but it couldn't have gotten much closer. Baby Fork received a firm talking-to and a time out.

Oh, I tried another flavor of yogurt. I got strawberry with fruit on bottom (Brown Cow brand). I found it less repulsive than the vanilla flavor I tried a few days ago, but only slightly. I forced myself to eat half the cup, then had to stop because I was starting to feel like I might gag. I tried. Now I'm officially giving up. I just don't like yogurt.

Ugh, and while I'm complaining... I've been having some sharp lower back and pelvic pains. It started on Wednesday and has been getting slowly worse. (my back is hurting rather a lot as i type this.) I saw my OB/GYN this morning and she ruled out bladder, uterine, and kidney infections. Now I'm scheduled to have an ultrasound next week to see if I have an ovarian cyst. I'm not remotely worried, but please pray with me that the pain will go away because it's interfering with my already-interrupted sleep.


bankruptcy said...

I like your blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your pains. Hopefully it won't be anything remotely serious.

I got to see a demonstration of Baby Fork at dinner the last time I was there. Remember, that's how Doug tricked her into eating, by pretending his Big Fork was going to get to Baby Fork's food first. I have to think though that Baby Fork is smarter than that, she just enjoys the game. Or maybe she thinks she's humoring Doug!