This is a photo of Lila resolutely NOT looking at the camera.

I'm still not sure of the cause of Lila's discipline problems for the past several days - most likely a combination of factors - but she was much more her normal self today. Thank goodness! In fact, I don't think she got one time out today. It's so nice not to be whined at all day long!

Oh, there are a couple of funny things that she's been saying lately. The first one is something she started saying about a month ago. She uses it anytime we tell her something is about to happen and she doesn't want it to (e.g., a bath, doug leaving for work, etc.). She will say, in a fantastically drawn out whine, "Nooot a gooood ideeea!" The only reason it's not annoying is that it's so funny.

She's also started singing the song Pop Goes the Weasel, only her version is, "Plop goes the diesel..." I haven't corrected her because it cracks me up so much.

And one more thing about Lila: She floated on her back in swim class this morning - all by herself! That is major for her! She loves the water, but has always hated being on her back in it. She floated on her back and when the teacher told her to, she rolled over and put her face in the water. Amazing! The girl is just amazing!

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Love her new song!!!!!!