Whew! The Boy has been a handful for the past several days. He just finished another one of those phases where he doesn't sleep much during the day and spends most of his awake time crying. He was spending a couple of hours in the evenings crying at full volume. After a day like that, you start to feel like the connections in your brain have snapped so that you can't think straight!

Now that he's back to normal, he's being very cute again. Doug and I are starting to get smiles out of him, but no one gets a bigger one than Lila. He gives her big grins and loves to stare at her. He already thinks his big sister is the best thing ever! Another small but cute thing he's started doing is grabbing a fistful of my shirt and holding on tight while he's eating. I've always loved the hijinks of a baby's free hand while they're nursing. It's like the hand has a mind of its own sometimes. The shirt-grabbing doesn't sound that exciting, but it looks very sweet!

His next appointment with the pediatrician is still a couple of weeks away. That's the visit where he'll get his first round of immunizations. I suspect that he's not going to like that very much. (ya think?!?) I always love finding out how much they've grown though. And having everyone in the office tell me how beautiful my children are! :o)~

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Beautiful children come from beautiful parents.