Say it Loud (I'm Fuzzy and I'm Proud)

When I was pregnant with Lila, we waited until about one month before she was due and evicted the kitties from our bedroom (at night). We didn't want them in there while the baby was sleeping, but we didn't want them to associate their eviction with the baby. Anyway, we were both expecting them to put up a major fight and drive us crazy, but they acted like they didn't even care!

Well, we've had to kick them out of our room (at night) again, this time for the sake of my allergies. And again they are putting up no fight. True, if I take too long between feeding them and closing us into our room, they'll come wandering in and then they give us very withering looks when we have to send them out. And then there was that one night when I, apparently, did not shut the door all the way and they just waited until we were asleep and let themselves in.

But overall, they aren't putting up any kind of fight. It's a little disturbing, really. Every night, for years, they sleep in our bed - Charlie by my face (sometimes this seems like a passive-aggressive attempt to smother me) and Cordy by Doug's feet. And when we suddenly put them out of the room... they don't care?!? I can't even go to the bathroom and shut the door without at least one cat and a toddler trying to slither under the door or beat it down! It just doesn't make sense.

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Still Crazy said...

I always find it amusing to be sitting in the bathroom and look up to see a hand poking under the door. Sometimes with fur, sometimes without.