Pretty Woman (or Baby)

This is a photo of Lila in part of her Halloween costume. We (Lila, Mammaw, and I) went shopping this past weekend and had a much harder time than I expected. We went to Babies R Us first and found their selection to be abysmal. I think I just waited too long and they were already picked clean (though i did find some really cute jammies). From there we went to my favorite place for clothes - Once Upon a Child.

They had quite a selection, but most things were the wrong size or not very cute. I finally found a couple of options that seemed right (a dog and a clown) and we showed them to Lila. Her first choice was the dog costume, so we tried it on. She quickly decided that she didn't like the way the hood/dog head felt, so that one had to go. She was objecting to the clown outfit before it was all the way on her body.

My mom had already spotted this (pseudo) leather jacket and one of us had the idea to make that part of her costume. So we did! I got her the jacket, a shirt, jeans, and those cute little boots and she's all set to be a (very fashionable) little biker chick! And I don't have to worry about her deciding she hates it 10 minutes into the evening because it will just feel like clothes to her.

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