Um Um Um Um Um Um

Hurley has had another bath. For those of you who were concerned last time about Lila getting some kind of strange hedgehog germs from him, you may rest assured - he went in after Lila came out this time. And he hated it just as much as before. In fact, he probably hated it even more because I used soap on him this time! I tried to perk him up afterward by telling him what clean and soft toes and belly he had, but it didn't work. He pouted for two days. Literally. And it's not difficult to tell when a hedgie is pouting.

We kind of saw another hedgehog today. We had to go pick up a new bag of food for Hurley (that's a story in itself) and the pet store had another young hedgie. It was asleep, of course, so we didn't disturb it. Lila did get to hold a snake though. Actually, we both did. We held a couple of small corn snakes... and even wore them like necklaces! Lila was a little nervous at first, but quickly got over it. She loves going to the pet store and I knew this place was pretty good about letting you hold things that you don't intend to buy, so I just asked. I got a couple of photos, but they're on my phone and I don't think I have a cable to transfer them to the computer.

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