It is currently pouring down rain. It's an really real thunder storm! We don't get many of those in Austin. We get lots of rain at times, but usually without any good thunder! Of course, this does put a *damper* on my date plan for this evening. Oh well, good thing I have a backup plan!

Funny kitty story (maybe i should just call my blog 'Funny Kitty Stories'): This happened while I was giving the kitties their little spoonful of canned food treat last night. I gave Charlie his, then scooted between the kitchen table and the wall to get to Cordy's bowl. In doing this, I brushed against something on the table (which shouldn't have been there anyway), which sent it and a couple of other things crashing to the floor. This happened right by Cordy and her food bowl and freaked her out so much that she flailed and took off running. Her flailing then upset her food bowl and sent little cat food pellets flying EVERYWHERE! This all happened in about half a second and it was much funnier than it sounds. Both of the cats were totally spooked and I couldn't stop laughing!

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